Welcome to Frontier Optics, your best value, one-stop source for high quality optical components, dependable deliveries and exceptional support!

Frontier Optics, Inc. is one of North America’s premier suppliers of high quality optical components.

•Fast delivery of a wide range of standard catalog optical components
•Prototype and high volume fabrication and coating capabilities for virtually all optical materials used from the deep-UV to near-IR
•Spherical Lenses: Singlets, Doublets & Triplets
•Cylindrical Lenses
•Flats & Windows
•Prisms: Right Angle, Penta, Dove, Equilateral, Roof, & Retro-Reflectors
•Mirrors: Plano, Spherical, & Cylindrical

Frontier Optics has earned its enviable reputation by carefully choosing and developing long term relationships with one principal manufacturer as well a small number of other well established far eastern optical component manufacturers who provide excellent products and value. With their support, Frontier Optics provides North American customers with:

•The best value optical components:

◦Highest quality
◦Dependable deliveries with agility to respond quickly to delivery change requests
◦Competitive prices

•Honest and ethical dealings
•Dependable and prompt support - right here from the USA!